The Sublative Technology of eMatrix

Written by Erin Azia on July 19, 2017

Women everywhere are achieving their skin care goals. Find out how you can too. Without going under the knife, using any needles, or missing a single day of work, you can see smoother, tighter, and younger looking skin. With the sublative technology of eMatrix, you can accomplish rejuvenating results in your complexion, with almost no downtime at all.


The eMatrix procedure is a non-invasive, resurfacing treatment that stimulates collagen at the source. Using revolutionary and targeted energy we are able to

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What is Preventative Botox?

Written by digital team on May 31, 2017

The thought of having skin that’s nearly as smooth, luminous, and wrinkle-free in 20 years as it is now is pretty appealing. At Defy Nature in New London, a little investment today will pay off in the long run. A preventive step like using sunscreen to help minimize the harmful effects of UV rays is just one recommendation from our experts.

But what about preventing wrinkles in the first place? And how soon is too soon to start?

Practically speaking, the

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Expert BOTOX and muscle relaxer injections in New London

Written by digital team on March 20, 2017

Let’s face it…wrinkles are a pain. The worst part is they’re created by our own expression and animation, constantly contracting muscles to smile, laugh or look surprised. In order to stay wrinkle free, none of us can be expected to maintain an expressionless appearance. Instead, cosmetic muscle relaxers are perfect for this purpose. When used expertly, they can target the exact muscles responsible for wrinkles in the forehead or between the brows, all without hindering our ability to be as

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Defy Natures reveals the FACTS behind ‘fuller’ lips

Written by digital team on January 3, 2017
Dysport New London

WILL THEY look like plastic? Do you have to continue to get it done? We give you the answers to all of the questions you may want to know, but are too afraid to ask……

Will they look like plastic? Will I have to get it done all of the time? Here are the facts:

In our ever-evolving society that places so much emphasis on people’s exterior, it can feel like there is a new beauty procedure popping up every other day.

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Skin Tightening: Surgical vs. Non-Surgical

Written by digital team on November 15, 2016
skin tightening


You have changed my life. I feel beautiful again!*
— Laser facial rejuvenation patient

Defy Nature Skin Tightening Laser Treatment

Little or no recovery time, no risk of infection or scarring, and very natural-looking results top the list of reasons why a non-invasive approach to skin tightening and rejuvenation are in such high demand……………

As people age, the skin loses its youthful elasticity and healthy glow.  Patients ready to fight back against these signs of early aging, but

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This New Filler Is an Anti-Aging Game Changer

Written by digital team on October 7, 2016
Skin tightening

Today the FDA approved Bellafill, the first injectable that last safely for five years. With the much more popular hyaluronic acid fillers, people have to go in every six to nine months, which can be tiresome and expensive. However, unlike those short-term fillers, Bellafill is not reversible. The injectable was previously approved for filling smile lines and acne scars, and while it has not been studied as a volumizer for cheeks, it can be used in that area. It should

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Written by digital team on September 8, 2016

As we age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun and the stresses of daily life can be seen in our neck. While we are well aware of what effect this has to the body, it is certainly not something we look forward to. Muscles that sag in the neck and chin area can pull your face down; counteracting any anti-aging beauty routine you follow, no matter how diligent you are.
While facelift surgery is a viable option for helping

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A Better Way to Get More Natural Looking Lips

Written by digital team on August 17, 2016
Wrinkle Reduction New London

A Better Way to Get More Natural Looking Lips

Lines happen—it’s part of living. They tell the stories of years spent full of laughter and experiences. But lip lines and loss of volume are also one of the most common visible signs of aging—and if the popularity of cosmetic lip contouring products (lip liners, lipsticks, glosses and plumpers) is any indication, women would rather not have them appear front and center on their

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Celebrity Facial Rejuvenation

Written by digital team on July 28, 2016
Bellafill Connecticut

Since everyone loves to keep up with the Kardashians, it’s no surprise when patients come into our clinic wanting Kim’s flawless skin, Khloé’s defined contour, or Kylie’s luscious lips. The truth is, most celebrities have been undergoing facial rejuvenation treatments for years; however, with the rise in reality television, celebrities, like the Kardashians, are becoming more open to discussing the cosmetic procedures they get.
The Kardashians are a prime example of how celebrities and skin rejuvenation treatments have become more mainstream.

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Am I a Good Candidate for RADIESSE®?

Written by digital team on June 7, 2016

Wanting to look your best is a good thing. When you wake up in the morning and you like what you see in the mirror, it feels like there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Unfortunately, the same thing is true in reverse. When you look at yourself in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, you feel like nothing is possible for you. This is part of the reason why people around the world have been drawn to

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