Written by digital team on May 11, 2015

It’s no secret that the cosmetic industry is a widely successful one. While surgical cosmetic treatments are still popular, there has been a steep rise in nonsurgical cosmetic treatments over the last decade. The advancements in cosmetic laser and injectable technology has allowed for safer, more effective results with very little to no downtime. Recently, a JAMA Dermatology study stated that treatments are some of the safest no-surgical treatments. for safer, more effective results with very little to no downtime.


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Skin Tightening- A Way to Look Younger Without Surgery

Written by digital team on April 17, 2015

With age, the volume of the fat in our face decreases. The skin hangs down loosely; sagging and wrinkles appear. It is completely natural to worry about such a problem. We have all experienced our youth, the feeling of having fresh, young and beautiful skin. But, as nature commands, it is not plausible for to have the same tight skin throughout our lifetime. Some questions might come in our minds during this due course of time. Is it possible to

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Multi Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Written by digital team on April 17, 2015

The words “Saturated Fats” may scare many people due to its “bad reputation” but did you know that not all saturated fats are actually bad for you? In fact, some saturated fats, such as the ones found in coconut oil, are good for your health! It may be surprising to you that the naturally occurring saturated fat in coconut oil actually has health benefits but studies have shown that it can help promoting heart health and weight loss, supporting the

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Alcohol And Your Skin – Practicing mindfulness when drinking benefits your skin

Written by digital team on April 10, 2015

The changing of seasons is showing warmer days ahead, getting most of us in the mood for outdoor activities with drinks in our hands. While enjoying a few adult drinks is not a dire concern it’s important to know what’s happening to the largest organ on your body, your skin.

To put it simply, alcohol is dehydrating. Expanding on that, drinking any type of alcohol prevents your body’s production of vasopressin, the important hormone that helps our bodies retain water and contract blood

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Why changing your diet will not improve the appearance of your skin

Written by digital team on April 6, 2015

These days everyone has something to say about how to improve your looks. You can’t pick up a magazine or turn on the televisions without coming across ‘expert’ tips. The truth is that eating a healthy diet will facilitate the smooth running of your body in the same way as using the right oil and fuel for a particular car will improve the longevity of your vehicle. However, will a change in diet radically change your skin?

A balanced diet is

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Skinemy #1: Sleeping on Your Face

Written by digital team on March 19, 2015

The American Association of Dermatology (AAD) reported that sleeping on your side or on your face can actually cause deep wrinkles (this sort of  wrinkles don’t vanish when you wake up the next day.) This repetitive, continuous pull on your face isn’t ideal. Wrinkles are actually caused by the repetitive motions and wear on your skin.

Solution: Sleeping on your back can potentially help improve future pull. However, if you are seeking to reverse already existing damage, you can help improve

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Healthy Aging: What Can You Control?

Written by digital team on March 9, 2015

Genetics isn’t the only factor in aging. Here’s how to break the mold.

When it comes to aging, Amy Shaw didn’t hit the genetic lottery. Her mother died from congestive heart failure, her father of a heart condition. The younger of her two brothers had a heart attack at age 52, and her younger sister is on the verge of congestive heart failure. Shaw, 69, has high cholesterol — a serious risk factor for heart disease.

With such a checkered health history,

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No more Duck Lips!

Written by digital team on February 14, 2015

This New Product SILK Promises a
Better Way to Get Full Lips.

Duck lips have replaced fake boobs as everyone’s favorite cosmetic-surgery joke (not to mention celebrity rumor), but that may end soon. Restylane Silk, a new, softer form of Restylane, the hyaluronic-acid wrinkle filler approved by the FDA in 2011 (and again in 2012, when lidocaine was added for pain), will be widely available throughout the U.S. next month.

Restylane Silk was approved by the FDA last June

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Look Your Absolute Best with Defy Nature

Written by digital team on February 10, 2015

Now that 2015 is finally here, it’s time to put your best foot forward and kick it into high gear so that you look your absolute best.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep does a body good. Not only will you feel better, a good night’s rest will leave you with less darkness and puffiness under your eyes and more evenly toned skin that looks fresh come morning. Studies also say that a good night’s sleep prevents unnecessary eating. Try to establish

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