Dr. Gregory Azia

Defy Nature Team - Dr. Gregory AziaDr. Gregory Azia is in solo practice in New London, Conn., specializing in general, laparoscopic, vascular, and breast surgery. Dr. Azia has expanded Defy Nature LLC as a nonsurgical cosmetic aesthetic practice in New London. He is the medical director for Defy Nature LLC

Dr. Azia graduated from Cornell University and received his medical degree from Albany Medical College, Union University. He completed his general surgery residency at Hospital of Saint Raphael. He is a Connecticut board-certified general surgeon attending physician at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, New London, Conn. since 1993. Dr. Azia is the Section Chief of General Surgery and Section Chief of Vascular Surgery at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. He is a member of and has held leadership positions in many local, regional and national surgical societies. He is also director of the L & M Vascular Lab, as well as a Registered Physician Vascular Interpretation with his office being accredited by the ICAVL (The Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories).

Dr. Azia treats all aspects of vascular disease with a special interest in new, minimally invasive techniques for varicose veins and other venous diseases at We’re So Vain llc®, New London. We’re So Vain is a regional training center for endovenous ablation.

Dr. Azia breaks barriers as one of L&M Hospital’s top surgeons. He has collaborated with doctors from the Yale School of Medicine to perform minimally invasive endovascular aortic aneurysm repairs at L&M. And he loves his work. “Being a physician allows you to be involved with people on a very intimate level and doing so, you take on a great responsibility. In each case, with each patient, you have to be as thoughtful as you can.” he says.

In one recent case, a woman in her late 80s needed laparoscopic surgery to remove cancer from her bowel area, but the woman was reluctant because of her age. “She said she’d live with it and didn’t want surgery, but I worked hard to convince her,” Azia said. “I only pushed her because I knew what I would do if she was my mom.”

“To see the smile on her face a week after surgery, when she was ready to go home, it was priceless. That’s what makes the good days, seeing those smiles.”

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