Experience the Beauty of Peeling

Woman getting a Chemical Peel

Experience the Beauty of Peeling

Are you looking to achieve healthy looking, glowing skin at any age? Let’s face it, looking refreshed and attractive gives us more confidence to face life’s everyday challenges and situations. It is important for us to feel good on the inside as well as on the outside. Whether you are traveling, attending a family function, going on a job interview, doing a selfie, or just seeing friends, we all want to look our best. A great chemical peel from Defy Nature may be just what you are looking for to up your game.

As our society becomes more and more diversified, scientists and dermatologists continue to look for new ways to improve the skin’s appearance for all ages and colors. There’s one technique that has consistently emerged as a top choice for rejuvenating the skin: the chemical peel.

In ancient times, the Egyptians used peels made from animal oils, salt, alabaster, and sour milk (lactic acid). The Greeks and Romans used pumice stone and mustard. And the Turks used fire to singe the skin for light exfoliation!

In the late 1800s, dermatologists were the first to discover chemical peels. Many of the same ancient natural ingredients are still used in peels today like lactic acid, citric acid, and alpha hydroxy acids to non-invasively repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Today, chemical peels have advanced to the point where they are safe for every skin type. Facial peels can be formulated to treat specific skin issues like photo aging (sun damage), acne, excessive pigmentation (dark spots), and other common skin concerns due to genetics, hormones, pollution, stress, the sun and aging. Chemical peels have become an inexpensive and popular non-surgical painless procedure with results that achieve glowing, flawless skin.

Defy Nature Med Spa offers the VI Peel, an inexpensive “medium” medical grade chemical peel only available at a certified medical office. The VI Peel offers a non-invasive approach to healthier looking skin with little to no downtime or discomfort that also targets fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and pore size in less than one week.

Read a client’s testimonial about the VI Peel:

 “I was blown away when I saw my skin and couldn’t believe the results. Colleagues of mine have been noticing and I’ve gotten so many compliments. I can’t wait to get another peel!”

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